GMAS visit to Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANP)

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  • 10/20/2015

Alie Sierkstra
/From our media analyst/

For over 80 years the ANP provides the heartbeat of the Dutch news. As a news agency the organization publishes some 600 articles, thousands of photos, dozens of videos and an hourly radio bulletin on a daily basis. In addition to this service to the Dutch media, the ANP also serves the corporate market with various analytical, advisory and distribution tools, including ANP360.

In the long history of the ANP the news agency has always innovated and led the field. Of major importance in this is that they always take care to bring the essence of the news, and that they are timely and reliable in doing so. Independence is also a key word here; ANP has no opinion or belief, and gives no explanation. From this tradition the news agency makes and delivers the news, which eventually reaches all Dutch media outlets. In addition, the ANP provides companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations with unfiltered news from both online and offline sources on a daily basis. It is also possible for these bodies to take in this news in a tapered manner. One of the tools that ANP provides thereto is ANP360.

In this rapidly changing society and economy organizations should be aware of what is said about them and their activities, as well as the developments in relevant sectors. But also if a company chooses to actively send out communications themselves, they want to know how these are doing in the media. ANP is an independent and neutral partner that has created the tools to meet these needs of organizations. The news agency has built a completely digital way of working and has a huge Big Data database, which daily handles approximately 40,000 articles that appear in both online and offline sources.

One of the advantages of ANP360 is that it can answer countless questions an organization might have; from alarming to signaling and complete structural histories. With the aid of ANP360 everything that is of interest to an organization can be found in the database, and then optionally also analyzed by media analysts, and circulated by means of newsletters.

Corporate customers can look to the ANP with questions about the news from 1988 to present day, but also for monitoring of social media and the national and European parliaments. In this way the agency not only provides the entire Dutch public with the heartbeat of the news, but the corporate sector as well with news that is relevant to them in order to successfully make the right choices and define strategies.