GMAS is a trademark of IvCB Public Affairs and Stakeholdermanagement

Based on decades-long experience in press, publicity & public relations, GMAS started in January 2015. Its main service was Media Monitoring for foreign embassies accredited to The Netherlands. GMAS soon started collaborations with leading Dutch news agency ANP and IvCB Public Affairs & Stakeholdermanagement. To further improve services parties decided that IvCB acquire GMAS in April 2016.

IvCB works for clients in a variety of different sectors, with the result that we have built up specialised knowledge of areas such as care, mobility, sustainability, technology, energy and the chemical industry.

Our clients include embassies accredited to The Netherlands and other the authorities, as well as multinationals and sector organisations whose ambition means they are on the point of capturing the market, and NGO’s that want to change the world.

IvCB was founded in 2008 by Kevin Zuidhof, former deputy managing director of Corporate Communications at KPN and chairman of the Professional Association of Public Affairs, with the conviction that organisations could realise greater returns through public affairs.

IvCB specialises in public affairs, stakeholder management and strategic communication. We look after your interests and strengthen your position. Our years of experience and expertise, plus an extensive and close-knit network in the political world in The Hague and in management circles in the Netherlands, as well as the media and civil society, enable us to provide our clients with effective solutions.

Our knowledge of these sectors means that we understand your issues and know the playing field. Our structured and strategic approach, based on our own methodology, guarantees a result with maximum achievability.

Our collaboration with FTI Consulting gives us access to a strong international network that includes Brussels, London and Berlin, among others.