Your Embassy’s key to understanding and engaging in Dutch society business and politics.

IvCB supports your Embassy with daily media monitoring, in-depth media analysis, political monitoring and analysis and public affairs support. This helps you to closely monitor and influence the perception of your country and your country’s industries in the media and to follow and – if necessary – engage in the Dutch political and economic process. The services presented by IvCB are the result of a unique cooperation between IvCB Public Affairs & Stakeholdermanagement, the leading Dutch news agency ANP and the parliamentary documentation centre PDC. Together we provide the best and most up-to-date insight into developments in media and politics. Our team of experienced, discreet and well-connected public affairs and media experts help you to monitor, interpret and create action perspectives.

GMAS Media Monitoring

The GMAS Media Monitor provides you with a daily overview of all relevant news items from the Dutch media outlets. This service enables you to continuously follow developing stories and provides a direct finger on the pulse of Dutch society.

GMAS Media Monitoring scans all Dutch online and offline media, such as newspapers, relevant news websites, blogs, a selection of prominent magazines and parliamentary press, based on the keywords you submit. This selection is delivered to your mailbox 365 days a year in an easy-to-read newsletter.

On request, our analysts can additionally present an in-depth weekly news analysis for your Chancery with an appreciation of the ongoing developments in the media and how this affects the perception of your country or your country’s businesses or industries.

Political Monitoring

With the political monitoring services of IvCB we will follow all the developments in selected dossiers. Our unique monitoring tool, developed with the Parliamentary Documentation Centre (PDC) and ANP, continuously supplies you with the latest news, reports and other parliamentary documents from Dutch ministries, parliament and other institutions.

Combined with our close-knit network in The Netherlands, this provides you with the best insight and background information regarding the political arena in The Netherlands.

In order to relate these developments and insights to your challenges, we present an analysis of the developments and discuss the possibilities for action in a monthly meeting.

Public Affairs Support

What is decided in The Hague and in Brussels, can have a major effect on your national industries and your interests. These decisions provide opportunities, for example when public contracts are issued, but can also result in threats and challenges if regulations are tightened or investment decisions are under pressure.

In addition, public affairs and stakeholder management can help a new market entrant from your country to create a licence to settle. We deliver tailored support to your national industries to promote their interests through long-term public affairs activities and focussed lobby activities. We can make their voice heard and put their interests on the political agenda, with the right person receiving the right message at the right time.

We do this by using our knowledge of the sectors, our expertise in the field of decision-making processes, our wide experience in public affairs and our extensive and close-knit network in politics, government, the media, civil society and the business world.

How can we help you?

In addition to these services, IvCB aims to deliver tailor-made solutions to all your challenges. We are happy to discuss how we can support the goals, interests and challenges of your Chancery and national companies in the fields of public affairs, public relations, lobbying and strategic communications in the Netherlands. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our knowledge.