GMAS visit to Media Info Groep (MIG)

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  • 11/14/2014

Alie Sierkstra
/From our media analyst/

In the Netherlands Media Info Group (MIG) is the leading party in media monitoring. They are the only company that monitors print, radio and television, online, and social media.

Their exclusively Dutch-language services provide customers an overview of relevant media expressions and an analysis of the media content that gives them the insight needed to make strategic decisions. MIG guides a very diverse clientele, ranging from famous Dutchmen wondering whether it is time for a renewed charm offensive, to multinationals who wonder whether they are perceived positively in the media and what the latest developments in their area of expertise are.

It all started back in 1915 when the Red Cross wanted to find a newspaper article in which they were mentioned. They turned to a clipping service that cut out by hand the requested items, stuck them on a sheet of paper and sent these by post. This clipping service no longer exists, but eventually merged, with a number of other parties, into present-day MIG. The 130 people who now work at the company in Almere in the Province of Flevoland never use glue or scissors any longer. Instead they use multiple cutting-edge technological tools to insure that their customers get the requested media content.

It is crucial for companies and organizations to know how their brand or product is perceived in the media, if their message has come across and if their target audiences are effectively reached. One of MIG’s customer will just want content while the other desires a conclusion or recommendation. To be able to deliver this media content, the Dutch press needs to be monitored and whatever is of interest is then saved. Optionally different types of analyses are possible to determine how a brand or product is perceived in the media.

Next year marks the hundredth anniversary of media monitoring and its relevance is greater than ever. Both features of MIG, monitoring and analysis, are becoming increasingly important in today’s media landscape with various niches and outlets. An organization used to be able to address the world with just a newspaper article or a news item. But with the continually fragmented and diversified media landscape it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to discover what is actually published about them. Therefore, to keep a business in good running order and make the right choices thorough media monitoring and analysis is critical.